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Akdong Musician-200% [DEBUT]

The cute song with the unexpected twist

The cute song with the unexpected twist

Hi, K-Poppers sorry if I haven’t been reviewing a lot lately, as I’ve stated before I’m trying to find admins in my previous post and I’ve also been super busy. The fact that I’m able to get a review out today must mean that I really love you guys because I’m popping some reviews out this week. After reading this post, you do happen want to be apart of my K-Pop family, then click here to see what you have to do. Today, we’ll be witnessing the debut of Akdong Musician, a sibling duo that consists of Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun who won the second season of K-Pop Star and is now a part of the YG Family. I’ve never really seen K-Pop Star, but I do know that Lee Hi came out the same show, so I was really looking forward to see the debut MV of this singing duo.

First of all, they look like normal people (as in they have no surgery) and I love that. Its their way of saying you don’t have to look like a doll in order to be a K-Pop idol. I love my K-Pop idols and some of them look like dolls, there’s nothing wrong with that though, but its refreshing to see new, non doll-like faces. Another thing, YG said that he’ll be promoting three songs from AKMU; a song they chose, a song he chose, and a song the public chooses. This week, the MV that’s released is the one YG chose 200%. It has all of YG’s charisma within the song, but its also a feel-good song and I like it. Its not too cute and its not too badass. What I also love about this group before I review the MV, is that Lee Chan-hyuk produced, wrote, and composed every song on the album. It might have took GD a while to get to that point, but in order to do that off-hand is really impressive. Now I will review the actual MV.

The MV:

200% debuted on April 6TH (April 7TH in Korea) 2014, and it currently has 501,364 views with 29,182  likes and 226 dislikes. If you would like to contribute to these views, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind clicking on the video below.

Anyway, the MV tells a love story between Lee Soo-hyun and a boy that she likes. I love this girl, she is so unbelievably geeky, but it works for her as trying to get attention of this boy. As the MV progresses, you can see them hanging out more. She starts walking with him, riding the bus with him, watching him run around the playground (I think that’s a playground or a regular track). On the bus, she even hands him a paper bird that she made using origami and I just find it so dorky, yet so cute. But wait…this is a YG MV and with YG, things are never what it seems (just look at his comeback dates) . Its near the end of the MV that we see another girl, she’s taller and prettier and she’s basically has this bitchy-like attitude. Uh-oh. The pages are literally unfolding, everything Lee Soo-hyun imagined happening to her, was actually happening with the guy’s girlfriend. The ice cream they shared, was actually between the couple with Lee Soo-hyun sitting at another table and imagining that she shared the ice cream with him. The bus ride where they hit that bump, the girlfriend was behind the guy and she looked at Lee Soo-hyun as if she was crazy. The walk on the stone wall was actually the couple walking ahead of Lee Soo-hyun walking behind them. The walk on the road, basically the same thing except Lee Soo-hyun was beside them instead of behind them. The girl knows Lee Soo-hyun likes the guy, when she tries to hand girl girl her origami bird at the end of the MV, while the girl acts sweet , we see her drop the bird on the ground as if it was trash. This might not be one of my favorites of the year, but I did enjoy it and even though I’m sad about the MV, I liked that too and honestly, if it wasn’t for that plot twist, then the MV wouldn’t have done that well.


The editing was pretty straight-forward with its usually high YG quality. I like the unfolding towards the end when we were introduced to the girlfriend. And the chalk-drawing of the play symbol at the beginning was pretty as well.


I did like the song, but as I’ve stated before this probably won’t be a favorite song. But its not their fault nor is it YG’s. New artists to me are like anime and manga, whenever I start a new one it takes me a while to get used to it. If I keep listening to their songs, then I”ll probably add them to my playlist, but not right now. Also, they’re coming back with the MV of the song they chose, Melting and its slower so it will definitely be interesting. Until next time: Happy K-Popping!!

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As you might-or might not know-I’ve been reviewing K-Pop and giving out K-Pop news for almost a full year…but while it was easy in 2013 because I wasn’t so busy, its now becoming more and more harder to keep up. I’m not getting reviews out what I used too and whenever I do review an MV, I can hardly think of what to write. Now because of this…I have finally decided that I need help. I’m hiring at least three Admins who are available to helping me review K-Pop MVs, giving out breaking K-Pop News, and who are great at graphic design. I would be forever grateful for whoever is better at graphic design than I am.

If you are interested, then send me an email (I will provide my email address down below) and please place NEWINKPOP ADMIN in the title so I won’t discard it. Also include your name, email, user name you prefer, time zone, position you want to work for. If you do get accepted by me, then you have to be willing to write at least 2-3 reviews for a K-Pop MV, report any K-News such as comebacks/debuts, scandals, and-if there are any–dating news, and you have to at least try to be unbiased. I’m working on that myself. Also, after the hiring section, there will also a few new segments such as an Anime Club that I’ve been trying to start forever but not without backup, a J-Rock/J-Pop review, and other things that I want to try. Thank you for reading and if you are available, then follow the format below and email me your application.













-Writers/Reviewers (I need two)

-Graphic Design (one)




2NE1-Come Back Home & Happy

New songs, new MVs, new 2NE1

New songs, new MVs, new 2NE1

Hi, K-Poppers!! I need to be honest, I did not like Girls’ Generation’s Mr. Mr. so there wasn’t a way I could write a review for it last week. I honestly spent the whole weekend in front of my laptop as usual, my screen went back and forth between Mr. Mr. and the new blog post. I’m sure I’ll come up with a review for it, I really don’t intend to leave that MV in the dark, it just might be later than my other reviews.

For now, though its time to talk about the exciting weekend 2NE1 has had. I mean lets be honest, according to the people in South Korea, the AON Tour was amazing and the pictures proved it. There was a lot going on and I would love to see it. Its always nice when 2NE1 turns on their charm to please a crowd. Anyway, enough small talk, lets talk MVs shall we?

At midnight, YG released not one but two MVs, Come Back Home and Happy and just like I did with Taeyang’s Ringa Linga review, I’m going to combine both MVs into one review. Lets get started shall we?

2NE1-Come Back Home:

Come baby come come baby, come baby come come

Come baby come come baby, come baby come come

The first one I saw was Come Back Home, which has accumulated 1,095,001 views thus far with 86,552 likes and 4,523 dislikes. If you haven’t seen the MV for Come Back Home, then as I always say; click on the video below.

The MV: Since I already talked about the whole album, I thought it would be best if I could just talk about the MV. I already said that I liked the song and my opinion of that doesn’t change, but I like the MV more. If you aren’t a SciFi nerd like I am-trust me, I’m really into futuristic movies and whatnot-then you will enjoy this MV. What I got from it was that a long time ago, the girls of 2NE1 had created this Virtual Paradise and became successful for it. Later on down the line, the girls go their separate ways, but Virtual Paradise is still running and successful. When Dara’s boyfriend decides to succumb to Virtual Paradise and decides to take drugs because of it, the girls realize that they’re created this problem and wants everybody to come back into the real world. In 2NE1 fashion, they start a revolution against Virtual Paradise. Dara, meanwhile, wants her boyfriend back and not the guy who takes drugs and enters this futuristic world on a daily basis. So she does the only thing she can do, that’s unhook him from the machines and she kills him in order to save him. Lastly, she joins 2NE1 in a battle to get rid of Virtual Paradise. They throw flamethrowers, make other creators with red spray paint as a sign to kill, and at the end of the MV, you could see Virtual Paradise being destroyed gigabyte by gigabyte.

Editing: The editing in this MV was done really well for a futuristic MV. These are harder to edit in my opinion because you have to make sure you don’t use too much CGI. It actually gives me a more Matrix-feel than anything else. It definitely has that if you chose the normal world, you led a normal life; but if you chose the other world, then you’ll led a different life. I like it very much. It also has a badass feel to it, especially when it comes to everything that’s done in Virtual Paradise. Some people might say that the old 2NE1 is back because of this. I know one thing, this has no comparisons to their other songs.

Overall Judgement: 7.5/10


I Hope Your H.A.P.P.Y!!

I Hope Your H.A.P.P.Y!!

After I watched Come Back Home like five times to understand it, (it was midnight and I was tired), I watched the MV for Happy and I liked it just a little bit more than Come Back Home. Why? Because the MV fits with the song. I mean, I know I gave a bad rep with this song, but after seeing the MV, I kinda wish I could go back and change the rating. Happy got 837,720 views with 68,457 likes and 2,044 dislikes. If you haven’t seen the MV for Happy then click on the video below:

The MV: Since there’s no actual plot within this MV, I’d rather talk about the things I like and dislike about this MV. Things I like:

1). Dara’s hair in the second half-In the first half on this MV, Dara’s hair was crazy just like I’ve known her for all these years. All of you fans who thinks that YG should change how to do Dara’s hair…you might as well stop that fight. Dara’s hair will always be abnormal and you should’ve really accepted that after five years. But, there is a glimmer of hope when you see how normal Dara’s hair is in the second half on this MV. It is gorgeous and I loved it!! It made her blonde phase in 2014 worth it.

2) The Editing: OMG, so cute!! I’m going to eleborate on this more a little later on, but I love these kinds of MVs where bubble letters and the like pop up among with song. It just makes me smile!!

3). Outfits: Those black outfits in the second half was really cool and I know want to buy Minzy’s outfit. It was just perfect for me.

Things I didn’t like: Actually, its just one thing. I hated seeing Jeremy Scott coming in at the end of this MV. I’m not a huge fan of Jeremy Scott, he always has to YELL EVERYTHING EVEN WHEN HE’S TWEETING!! Isn’t that annoying? Yeah, when you see something exciting and your typing it, you want to use AllCaps, but I’m sure not everything on Jeremy Scott’s Twitter page is exciting. Other than that, I just don’t like him, I think he’s too superficial and I doubt his friendship with CL is really real.

Editing: OK, more about this fabulous editing. I know they probably shot this in the US, but I just don’t where. Part of me thinks its in DC, but that’s only because I want them to be near me whenever they’re in the US. I also love the bubble letters and the little pictures popping up. They haven’t really done anything like this and its very cute, I hope they don’t do it again because even though I like it this time, I probably won’t like it again a second time.

Overall Judgement: 8/10

Final Thoughts?

Though I was expecting Gotta Be You to come instead of Happy, I was happy with the song. I heard that GBY is next in line for an MV and I will wait for however long it will take. Will CL’s MTBD  get a release? I’m not sure, but if YG’s planning on releasing a fourth MV with GBY, then I would want it to be either If I Were You and Good To You, they’re nice and slow and they’re also my two favorite songs on the track. In fact I’m going to listen to those now. On one last note: Drugs are bad, mm’kay.Come Back Home Gif

Happy K-Popping!!

2NE1 CRUSH-2ND Album Review

New 2NE1 songs

New 2NE1 songs for your pleasure

Hello, K-Poppers!! If you felt awkward about yesterday’s review of EYK and how they treated their latest KMM, then I feel the same way you do, but I got over it quicker than you. How did I get over it? By listening to every new song (and one rehashed song) that 2NE1 released today. Not only is today’s the release of 2NE1’s long-awaited second album and CL’s birthday, its also my younger sister’s birthday. I wished her a Happy Birthday early this morning on Facebook and Twitter, but I wanted to do it again. Hopefully, she’ll read this and thank me later.

Anyway, YG finally released CRUSH, 2NE1’s second album that would have been released in at least 2012 if it wasn’t for YG sending 2NE1 everywhere, but I digress; I’m glad that YG has finally stopped ignoring 2NE1 and has granted his Blackjacks their one, united gift. Oh and BTW, I’m ignoring the supposed fanwar between Girls Generation and 2NE1, its stupid and fans should be happy that their groups have finally released new material. So as a treat to not only me but to also other Blackjacks, I’m going to do my first album review ever and give you all my opinions of all songs.


YG should just be shot for this one!! 2NE1’s album is called CRUSH, so this should be if not the best, but one of their best songs on the whole album. It reeks of autotone and my overall judgement is 2/10.

2). Come Back Home

The reggae feel in this one is amazing and such an improvement than track number one that needs to be shot. I’m glad this is one of the title songs. Bom’s voice is amazing in this one, but the “cum baby, cum baby, cum cum” is creepy. Overall judgement: 6/10

3). Gotta Be You

This is clearly the anthem of the whole album, especially with the “it ain’t over till its over.” Once again, I’m glad its a title track. If it wasn’t, then YG would’ve needed to make it one because I wouldn’t mind flying to Korea and telling him that. Overall judgement: 7/10

4). If I Were You

Finally we get into some slower pace songs. I love the drum beat at the beginning, once again Bom’s voice shines, but Minzy’s voice isn’t that far behind. And CL wrote this song, so good job CL. Overall judgement: 8.5/10

5). Good to You

This is the perfect breakup song, I’m sorry. This is what Crush should have sounded like, but of course it doesn’t. Next time I’m in a slow mood and its night time, then I’m definitely playing this song. Overall judgement: 10/10

6). Mental Breakdown (CL’s Solo)

Another one of CL’s songs, not only because she wrote it, but because this feels like CL. Maybe she wanted to give herself a birthday gift by having this song on here, but its good. Good job, CL. Overall judgement: 8/10

7). Happy

Don’t confuse this with Pharrell’s Happythis is much better (IMO). They say they aren’t being sarcastic, but we all hear the sarcasm within HappyAnother breakup song, overall judgement: 7/10


Sigh…TEN POINTS FROM YG FOR REHASHING!! God, this song feels so old and for a second, I thought I was on the wrong album. This should have stayed in Japan, now hearing the Korean version, I prefer the Japan version. Overall judgement: 0/10 for obvious reasons.

9). Baby I Miss You

This slow, RB song has a 90 feels to it that I haven’t felt in a while. Its good, but I have a feeling this will be a conflicting like for Blackjacks. Overall judgement: 9/10

10). Come Back Home (Unplugged)

If you take all the autotone out of Come Back Home, then you have the ten times better unplugged version of this song. I wish this was the only version of the song. Overall judgement: 7.5/10


This was a good album and while a couple of songs were bad (Crush) there were some actually pretty good ones. This album was well worth the wait.

Sorry, I can’t stay longer K-Poppers, but its going to be a girl’s night out for me and my sisters. But, I’ll see you soon. Happy K-Popping!!

BAP vs. BTS. vs. BTOB: EYK Video Review

...No words cannot describe my anger than the ones I'm about to write...

…No words cannot describe my anger than the ones I’m about to write…

So first thing’s first…I’m sorry I haven’t been on here lately, I needed some time off and I had too much things on my plate, so I left my reviewing on the side while I got things sorted. I’m sorry for that and I’ll review more often, promise.

OK, so my first review back isn’t actually a music review, its more about a review on a review kind of thing. So you guys know that every now and then, I would put little cute sayings from EYK on my blog every now and then, right? Well, right now I’m kinda mad. So a couple of weeks ago, I review BAP’s 1004 (Angel) and I said that it was one of BAP’s best songs. If the review was short, it was because I was busy at the time and I couldn’t really talk about it like I wanted.

So yesterday for their K-Pop Music Monday, Simon and Martina decided to talk about BAP, BTS, and BTOB in one video because they were in the top three and they all had the letter B in their name. Before I continue, let me just say that they didn’t even talk about BTOB because according to them, “their MV was so boring that the only thing they (Simon and Martina) could do was talk about their name”. What? You include BTOB into your title, but you don’t talk about them? WTF?!! If your thinking the same thing I’m thinking, then its the first of many complaints I’ve had with their review. If you haven’t seen this K-Pop Music Monday, then click on the link below.

Anyway, while Simon and Martina made fun of both BAP and BTS for their songs, they-like always-tore BAP apart. They made fun of the girl’s hygiene (they said that the dress was 80 years old and said that she had rancid BO); they made fun of the symbolism used within the song (they said it wasn’t interesting whatsoever, which in laymen’s terms means that; we like the song, we just hate the concept); and the part I’m most pissed off about came at the 3:29 second, when Martina (yes Martina herself, my favorite member of EYK) not only insults BAP because they showed emotion, but also took their acronym: Best.Absolute.Perfect and turned it into and I quote, “Bitch.Ass.Pussies,” trying to get a joke out of it!!

(SOAPBOX TIME: There might have been a time when I disagreed with some of BAP song choices, such as Rain Sound and Coffee Shop and even Stop It, but never once in my LIFE HAVE I EVER CALLED THEM BITCH.ASS.PUSSIES!! That is fucking disrespectful, BABYZ HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE PISSED OFF!! Who the fuck do you think you are for saying that?!! Everybody has a right to their opinion, but blatantly calling a group BITCH.ASS.PUSSIES because you think their MV was too emotional?!! That’s rude and disrespectful!! I don’t care how BAP used to be and I don’t care how BAP is now, BAP is BAP and if you can’t handle it, then you Martina are a bitch.ass.pussy, not BAP. End of Soapbox).

They also talk about BAP’s choreography, calling the thrusting raunchy thrusting and trying to make a joke out of that, but if you’ve already pissed off BABYZ by disrespecting their group, then you lost in that department. And then the ironic thing about this whole video is the end when Simon makes this rant about the treatment of the girl in the BTS MV. After your wife disrespects BAP, your trying to even out the playing field? Really, Simon?

Final thoughts:

This is probably the worst KMM I’ve ever saw, second was the one you did last week, and third was the Nu’Est review. You’ve been lackluster ever since you got the studio, which I stupidly paid money for because my investment isn’t being put to good use. You said that you’ll still continue to review in your home, but you never do so you basically lied there; your always going somewhere so whenever a good MV comes out, your not there to review it; and I haven’t seen an K-Indie playlist in a while. Have you stopped doing that, because if you have then you could have let your fans know. Bottom line is that there is some decorum when it comes to reviewing, you can have your opinions, but think about what your saying before you have no choice but to leave South Korea for good, because of your opinions. There will come a time when rent gets too high and your stuff stops selling.

I’m sorry if this review turned into more of a rant, but being disrespectful to idols who are making more money then you, that needs to be called out. Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, and as always, Happy K-Popping!!

Bebop-I’m the Best

Alright...ready for battle

Everybody wanna be, wanna be star!!

What’s this? A review? How long has it been since I reviewed a K-Pop song? Almost a month!! And for that I’m sorry, at first it was because I wanted to take a small sabbatical (break)) due to the sexiness,  but when bills don’t get paid right away…you go a week without internet. So note to self: always make sure the bill is paid. Anyway, I did not come here to talk about my internet bill, I wanted to talk about this amazing girl group I’ve discovered on YouTube via smart phone. Its a girl rocker group and their name is Bebop. And yes, that’s Bebop as in Cowboy Bebop aka the best anime of all time besides Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. Old-time anime is the best anime.

Anyway, there are three girls in this new group. The leader’s name is A-Yeon and she’s also the drummer. She considers herself a sexy drummer, but her bandmates think of her as hyperactive bad girl and vain. Why am I telling you this? Trust me, there’s a reason for my madness. Next up is the girl who I think will be my bias Ji-in. She has cute, short hair. She’s thinks of herself as a pretty bassist and she’s vocal. Her bandmates think of her as a sly girl and a liar. Finally, but not least, there’s Ju-Woo. She had that boyish look to her, which I think is totally awesome because she has the face for it, we have that in common. She’s the boyish guitarist and she’s also a vocalist. Her bandmates says she doesn’t have manners and don’t agree with her at all.

These statements make the MV more fun to watch, they’re making fun of each other while in a civil environment, but they all hate each other. If you haven’t seen this, click on the MV below and basked in its awesomeness.

As I’ve stated before, this MV is awesome and after a day, it already has 46,442 views with 2,139 likes and 107 dislikes. Their a rookie group so its OK, but I can tell this is going to be one of those underground groups that won’t have a very large fan base, but they’ll have a fan base. I love them, so I’m definitely a fan and I hope others are fans too.

Girl rockers are awesome BTW. Guy rockers are OK, you see those everyday, but when you see a group of girls who don’t care about wearing skirts and heels, rocking out and playing their own instruments, you have to get interested. There’s not an ounce of sexiness in this MV and I like it. Its edgy and cool, it makes me really wanna love them.

Give this a try you guys, you might actually love it. That’s all I have for today, I know about the YG vs. SM war that’s about to happen, but I’ll talk about that next week. For now, Happy K-Popping!!

B.A.P-1004 (Angel)

Lets walk into the light...together...

Lets walk into the light…together…

Hello, K-Poppers!! Sorry I haven’t been reviewing for the past week, but I was incredibly busy and there was hardly no K-Pop MVs out since Ga-In’s Fxxk U. I know I could have done a bunch of Modern Classics for that week, but I decided against it. I have, however, found a way to expand my horizons socially. I have now joined Kayofourm, a K-Pop fourm where you can discuss anything. It was honestly my first time joining a fourm, but its really fun to do and I suggest you all do it as well.

Today, we’re talking about B.A.P and their new MV, 1004 (Angel), which debuted last night and already has 428,612 views with 49,744 likes and 250 dislikes. If you haven’t seen this MV yet, then click on the MV below.

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know how I feel about B.A.P and ballads. Unless, they did something awesome, then there was no way I would like the song. This song is awesome!! This MV is awesome, all the feels from Warrior came back to me. I didn’t really get the plot, but the MV was amazing, especially with the choreo. THIS…

1004 (angel) gif

IS AMAZING!! THIS is what I want to see from BAP. What I like most about this song is the guitar, the beat is just brilliant. I want to see so many covers for this song; dance covers, guitar covers, even singing covers!!

I’m sorry this review isn’t longer, but I just wanted to make up for not being there last week. I’ll see you guys again soon, Happy K-Popping!!

P.S.: TSENT never give guns to BAP again…they always get killed!!


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