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2NE1-Falling in Love

Touch me over here Touch me touch me over there Touch me over here Touch me over there Touch me over here Touch me Touch me over there Touch touch touch Yeah yeah

Touch me over here
Touch me touch me over there
Touch me over here
Touch me over there
Touch me over here
Touch me Touch me over there
Touch touch touch
Yeah yeah

First of all, welcome back to K-Pop girls I miss you as did all of Blackjacks but before we go into the actual review, I need to tell you why this MV came out a day in advance. Well, this past Saturday, Asiana Airlines that was bond from Incheon International Airport in Seoul to San Francisco crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport due to a problem with both engines and the tail section separating from the plane at the time. Out of the 307 people on the plane, (16 crew members and 291 passengers) aboard the plane, only two people died and 182 were injured. Now, this normally wouldn’t effect how things run in the K-Pop world, but YG was one of Asiana Airlines sponsors, so ergo 2NE1’s comeback had to be delayed. At first, all of Inkigayo was going to be cancelled out of respect for the families of the passengers onboard, but it was later revealed that while the other groups were able to perform live, the only thing 2NE1 would be able to do was greet their fans. Is it really fair? No, I honestly think that they should have cancelled the whole show, but not to worry Blackjacks! On Sunday, to make up for the missed out live performance (which will be shown on MNET on Thursday, July 11TH), YG decided to release Falling in Love, which I will now talk about. Also, I’ve already said this on my personal Twitter page, but I feel very sorry for the families of the victims of Asiana Airlines.

On a happier note: 2NE1 FINALLY CAME BACK!!! AND YG HAS TROLLED US FOR THE PAST YEAR AND WE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE!! If I would play hide and seek with any label, it would be YG becuase he can hide anything, anywhere, and fool us all! Sometimes their good, sometimes this bad…this time it was fucking badass! But I’ll get to it later because I love this MV. It was refreshing to see Minzy rocking not only that bubblegum cotton candy pink wig, but that this song suited her like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t get my wrong, this perfect summertime song suited all the girls, but Minji definitely benefited from the reggae beat the best. This was definitely Minzy’s song, YG definitely wanted to put her out there because she might be the next one with a solo. I really hope Minzy’s the next in line for a solo, because honestly Park Bom’s had two; Dara had one; and CL recently brought out The Baddest Female. Speaking of The Baddest Female, did you guys like her rap? I loved it because I think it fitted into the song perfectly and I’ve heard it once before. Don’t you guys know? CL sung that in the intro when 2NE1 came out with I Love You last year. And yet again, YG has trolled us all.

As I’ve already stated, this song is perfect for summer. I could see myself in Jamaica singing this song and doing the “Touch me over here, touch touch me over there” dance on the beach. Where was this shot at? Was it in South Korea? Jamaica? Brazil? Let me know if you think you know the answer. Its so out of the box, I’m not even counting that building they sung the first part of the song in. But the part I loved the most was that its 2NE1 and I waited a year for this song. I waited a year and I’m being honest, I cried when I checked my Gmail Sunday morning. There are so many things I like about this MV; Minzy’s dancing, Bommie’s legs, CL charisma, and Dara’s playfulness. In my Blackjack-biased mind, anything 2NE1 puts out from here till October will be perfect. Their live shows will be top-notch and it doesn’t matter if they win every award every week, I mean it would be nice, but their not robots. I have no problems with this MV and if you want Simon and Martina to review it next week; then get your asses on that website and vote as if your voting for the next president. I’m even voting for them, I want them to get reviewed and I want them to find something wrong with this song because in my opinion its perfect, but its always nice to have a second opinion. While your voting, make sure you mention me because I need love too.

If you haven’t seen this incredible video, then click on the link below. As always, follow me on Twitter and SoundCloud where I have 2NE1’s Falling in Love waiting for you all to download (and its free), and be on the lookout because there’s a chance that I might come back soon with Brown Eyed Girls new song. It’s the K-Pop battle of the century and I have a front room seat with a bag of buttered popcorn. Happy K-Popping!! ^-^

-2NE1-Falling in Love



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